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  • Anle — 1 Original name in latin Anle Name in other language Anle, Anle Zhen, an le, an le zhen State code CN Continent/City Asia/Shanghai longitude 32.91473 latitude 118.8729 altitude 30 Population 0 Date 2012 05 05 2 Original name in latin Anle Name in …   Cities with a population over 1000 database

  • anle — branle chambranle ébranle …   Dictionnaire des rimes

  • ānlè — [ref dict= Universal (Ch Ru) ]安乐[/ref] …   Chinese phonetic list

  • Princess Anle — (安樂公主) (684? [Accounts of Li Guo er s birth imply, but do not definitively state, that she was born during her parents journey to their place of exile, which would make her birth in 684. See New Book of Tang , vol. 83.… …   Wikipedia

  • 安乐 — ānlè [comfort; ease; joy; safe and pleasant] 安宁快乐 回归故里, 度过老年的安乐生活 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Liu Chan — [[Bild:|200px|none]] Líu Shàn Familienname: Líu (劉) Vorname: Shàn (禪) Großjährigkeitsname (Zi): Gongsi (公嗣) Großjährigkeitsname (Hao): Postumer Titel: (kurz) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Liu Shan — Three Kingdoms infobox Name=Liu Shan Title=Emperor Kingdom=Shu Han Born=207 Died=271 Reign=223 263 Predecessor=Liu Bei Simp=刘禅 Trad=劉禪 Pinyin=Líu Shàn WG=Liu Sh an Zi=Gongsi (公嗣) Post= Duke Si of Anle (安樂思公) Emperor Xiaohuai (孝懷皇帝) Other=A Dou… …   Wikipedia

  • Liu Shan — Líu Shàn Familienname: Líu (劉) Vorname: Shàn (禪) Großjährigkeitsname (Zi): Gongsi (公嗣) Postumer Titel: (kurz) Xiaohuai (懷皇) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Emperor Zhongzong of Tang — (唐中宗) (November 26, 656 ndash; July 3, 710), personal name Lǐ Xiǎn (李顯), at times during his life Li Zhe (李哲) and Wu Xian (武顯), was the fourth Emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China, ruling briefly in 684 and again from 705 to 710.Emperor Zhongzong …   Wikipedia

  • Empress Wei (Zhongzong) — Empress Wei (韋皇后, personal name unknown) (died July 21, 710) was an empress of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty. She was the second wife of Emperor Zhongzong, who reigned twice, and during his second reign, she tried to emulate the example of her …   Wikipedia

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